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Oven Cleaning

Did you know that Oven Cleaning is an extremely important part of any End of Tenancy Cleaning? You are moving out and definitely want to get back your full deposit, right? In that case, you might need to schedule an additional Oven Cleaning depending on the condition of the appliance.

Most of our customers didn’t spend a lot of time cleaning their ovens in the last few years, and when the time to move out came, the appliance on the property was in a terrible condition, with build-up, greasy stains, and burnt food all over the interior. This is why we created our additional Oven Cleaning service so you can have peace of mind and be certain that you will pass the final inspection by simply scheduling this additional service.

Once you give us a call on 07418 354 436 and you discuss all of your requirements over the phone with our customer service agents, they will assign a professional oven cleaner to come and perform the service. He will bring all necessary machines, detergents, and supplies – and will immediately get to work once he arrives.

As a part of this deep cleaning, our technician will disassemble all removable parts and soak them in a dip-tank. The most effective way to get rid of any burnt food and build-up is to clean everything separately. This is why he will also take the glass door apart so he can properly clean between the glass and leave the door sparkling.

Next, he will focus on scrubbing and wiping the interior and exterior of the appliance so it’s nice and spotless.

The final step of this service is assembling the oven together and checking whether it works properly.

Can You Book This Service On Its Own?

The answer is yes. Although it’s an additional service to our End of Tenancy Cleaning, it’s also available on its own. If you don’t happen to be moving out yet you need someone to come and deep clean your oven in Croydon then you can count on our experienced team! We work seven days a week so you can contact us even during the weekends – and no, we won’t charge you extra because of it. Our prices remain the same throughout the week – starting price for a single oven is £49 and £69 for a double oven.