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Carpet Cleaning

As you know we specialize in End of Tenancy Cleaning – and with any property that has carpeted floors, a Deep Carpet Cleaning plays a very important role when preparing it for the final inspection. You can’t really have a spotless living space if the carpets are dirty, right? This is why we can also assist with Carpet Cleaning! No matter the situation, size, or condition, our experienced team is going to make any carpet look like it’s brand new.

We use only powerful and modern machines and tools when performing all of our services – and when it comes to carpet cleaning, it’s important to apply only the most effective yet gentle methods. This is why we have invested in the best hot water extraction machines on the market so that we are able to guarantee excellent results in just one visit without any risks of damage.

As you know, carpets are made out of very delicate fabrics and they need proper maintenance and care in order to avoid creating stains, dirty patches, or discolouration during the cleaning process. Our team performs our Deep Carpet Cleaning by using a special method – hot water extraction. It’s the process of applying hot water which penetrates deep into the fabric and deals with any bacteria. Next, the moisture is extracted with the machine alongside all the impurities such as dirt and dust.

This service can be booked on its own or in addition to our End of Tenancy Cleaning. In general, as a part of our moving out cleaning, we will hoover all carpets on the property, however, in some cases when the carpets haven’t been professionally cleaned in over a year, it is recommended to assign our team to extract all impurities off of them. Of course, we will discuss all these details over the phone upon scheduling the cleaning.

You can learn more about this service by reaching us on 07418 354 436. Aside from more information, we will also calculate a quote and answer all of your questions. The price will be calculated based on the size and condition of your carpet – starting price for a small bedroom is £28.